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NaNoWriMo 2006 [Oct. 25th, 2006|12:03 pm]
NaNoWriMo Support Group

[mood |excitedexcited]

I'm dusting off this community, woohoo! I figure it's a nice support group for NaNoWriMos and I'm hyperactive during the pre-NaNo weeks, so here's hoping to channel that productivity.

Anyway: this is just a support community for people doing NaNoWriMo this year (2006) so if you want to join it, feel free! We're not organized like other places, but we're supportive (in our own way) and anyway: who's got time for writing exercises when you're trying to hit that word count? So, feel free to join up, gloat about how well you're doing, give us all your excuses for why you're not meeting your word count, challenge or encourage each other and generally have fun.

To kick things off: A survey! I did it back when the community first got started, so now I figure we can do it again. So! The survey is below the cut: comment with your answers.

SurveyCollapse )

Please comment with answers!
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So how did everyone do? [Dec. 2nd, 2004|09:31 am]
NaNoWriMo Support Group

Well, NaNoWriMo 2004 is over - did anyone reach 50,000? I made it to just over 11,000. I let way too many things get on the way of my writing. But I am pretty proud of what I have so far, and I plan to continue work on my novel.

So - how was your NaNo experience? :)
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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2004|11:35 pm]
NaNoWriMo Support Group

Hey! I'm Rally, as most people call me. I'm making progress on my NaNo but really wanted to stall because my muse has the night off...

About me...Collapse )

I'm happy to meet you all!
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AlphaSmart and Mother-Daughter NaNoWriMo. [Nov. 4th, 2004|08:24 pm]
NaNoWriMo Support Group

Somewhat off topicish and rather out of the blue, but I'm SO EXCITED! My mom just said I can buy another AlphaSmart! See, we got one for last year's NaNoWriMo, so that she could write her novel even though I was selfishly hogging the computer the whole month. (Long story short: she finished faster than I did!)

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, AlphaSmart is a portable word processor and it totally rocks. It's just a keyboard with a little five line display that stores 8 files and has an insane battery life. Very durable, and comes in shiny blue. These things are so cool, because all they let you do is write, no formatting, no instant messaging, no anything except for typity-typing away. Very awesome. And! The multiple files means that you can store multiple projects at once, and if you fill one up, just click over to the next one.

Anyway, if you have the means (they start at about 199 dollars for an AlphaSmart 3000 - which I use and highly recommend), I urge you to think about picking one up. I'm getting one express shipped to the house so that hopefully it'll come in before mom and I leave on our trip to Virginia for my cousin's wedding. *crosses fingers!*

While I'm on the subject of my mother: she totally has a better NaNo idea than I do. Hers is awesome: a woman wakes up in a hotel room to a hotel wake-up call. She's got a headache, but she realizes that she has no idea who she is or how she got there: complete amnesia. But then she looks around and sees that whoever she is, she's very organized, because there's a planner full of information, already made-out 'Here's my new address' postcards to be sent to her friends and family, even a job interview. She's interviewing as a teacher at a private school. It'll turn out that she and 4 or 5 other new teachers at this school that's just opening up are all part of a government experiment where they erase memory and see how people react or something like that.

Really: How cool is that? My mom totally rocks, and I can't wait to read what she comes up with. Last year was her first NaNo and she wrote a kids book that was a collection of short stories about Buzzy and Ray (her brothers) and all the adventures they had as children. My mom will tell you that she's not a writer, and that any writing she does is done to morally support me. We signed up for the same writing courses so that she could make sure I went, and I think she signed up for NaNo so that she could justifiably nag me to finish it. But really, she's a good writer, and I'm totally looking forward to her stuff. Maybe she'll let me post some of it on my NaNo journal (nanolyssa) for her.

Anyway, this off topic randomness brought to you by the start of another writing session by me. Carry on.
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(no subject) [Nov. 3rd, 2004|11:00 pm]
NaNoWriMo Support Group
Because I'm slow on the uptake, I didn't do the survey thingy when it was posted. So, here it is, and hi to all you NaNo folks. :) Happy writing!

The Basics

Name: Beth
Age: 23
Region: Southwest US

Your Sordid Past

Have you done NaNo in the past? If so, what year(s)? 2003.
Did you win? Not by a long shot. :)
How you found out about NaNo? nanolyssa and the Sisters in Steam, last year. (I didn't write steampunk, though, I wrote about 10,000 words of a very poor fantasy novel.)
What sort of writing background to you have? I've taken a beginner and an advanced novel-writing creative writing class, plus my Undergrad degree required a lot of liberal arts classes so I've written about a thousand papers.

This Year

What are you hoping to get out of NaNo 2004?
Do you plan to regiment your writing time and plan it out and stuff?
Are your friends/family members aware of your insanity plans to do NaNo?
If so, are they supportive?

The Story

Do you know what you're going to write about? (if not, the rest don't really apply)

Sort've. I have the start of a story, but it needs major fleshing out.

Have you done any prewriting/plotwork/character work?

Yes, but not for the novel that I've actually started. I did some prewriting for a YA novel about clones who escape from the company that's manufacturing them (as spare parts for black-market organ sales), and go on the run in search of help. The idea was that they'd locate the people who'd unwittingly donated their DNA, it'd be an analogy for kids having parent issues, etc etc. Yeah. I'm not actually writing that novel, so I'm basically starting from scratch.

Do you know who your main character(s) will be?

Right now, she's named Carrie, but I'm thinking of changing it to Kate. Her little sister, Isobel, is a major force in the story, but I'm not sure we're ever gonna meet her because I'm not entirely sure that she's still alive when the story starts. Carrie (Kate?) is a Grad Student, probably in her first year, and she's the 'smart one' as compared to Isobel's 'rebellious one.' They were raised by their dad (not sure what happened to the mom yet, I'm thinking she's dead or ran out on them).

There will also be at least one character who's a werewolf. And potentially some other creepy-crawlies. See plot.

What about plot? Have you looked into getting yourself one of those?

Before I start, I want you guys to know that I know this's cheesy. I'm not writing it because I think it's publishable, I'm writing it because a) I like this kind of fluff, ashamed as I am to admit it and b) I've started a couple other novels (with better premises) and never finished. I want to actually finish something, then maybe I can carry over the momentum.

Anyway, I hope it's fun guilty pleasure cheese, the kind one finds in campy horror films. (Actually, the An American Werewolf in... films were my inspiration for this. I watched too much horror over Halloween weekend.)

Okay, so here's the story:

Isobel, a high-school aged girl, steals her dad's credit card, some cash, and runs away. The sneaking out/disappearing for a day or so isn't new, but this time she doesn't come back. Her dad has the credit card charges traced, and they lead to a small town in Texas, then stop. The dad freaks out, but he can't go after his youngest kid because he's in the middle of a big work project, and the cops say that they're on the lookout for her. The dad can't let it go, though, so he calls his older daughter and asks her to go look for the little sister.

Carrie (Kate?) agrees, not because she and Isobel are close, but because a) she loves her father and b) Isobel may be a brat, but she's still family. Carrie rents a car, drives down, and starts fishing around for clues as to where Isobel went.

Thing is, no one seems to know much. The people at the hotel where she charged a room claim they've never seen her, it's all very creepy and 'better not ask too many questions, missy.' If you've seen An American Werewolf in London, it's like the part at the beginning at the pub, where the two guys start asking about the pentacle on the wall. People either don't know (most of the townsfolk), or don't want to talk about it (people who should've had contact with Isobel, but claim they've never seen her or didn't charge the card).

Carrie's break is that she runs into someone who knows something. I'm still trying to decide if they volunteer information, or if she coerces them into helping her. I haven't decided if the person is male or female, and if they're human or something else.

From there it gets even more sketchy. I don't think anything good happened to Isobel, but I'm not sure if she was lured away with the intent of killing her, if she was lured away by some boyfriend and happened across something bad in the small town, or if she was lured away for a third reason that had nothing to do with killing her.

Actually, I'd toyed with the idea of having Isobel be illegitimate, though no one would know that at the start of the book. Carrie/Isobel's mom had an affair, Isobel's the product, and now whoever the father was is involved in whatever happened to her. I know that's really Soap Opera, but eh.

I dunno if I'm sold on werewolves, actually. I'm not really a vampire kind of girl, though. I suppose I could just stick to writing humans for once.

And I hear settings are pretty popular in novels these days. Your thoughts?

Small backwater in east Texas to start (Carrie will hate it there), somewhere near Nacogdoches. If you've seen Bubba Ho-Tep, well, that's set in Nacogdoches. Lots of trees out there, very rural, good place for a werewolf pack to be hanging out. The latter part of the novel may take place in a bigger city, like Houston.

More Technical Stuffs

Do you have any areas of expertise you're willing to answer questions about? Sort of like how NaNoWriMo has a realism forum on there: If people have questions about something you might know about, they can ask you first.

Erm. Astronaut training, NASA, Arthurian Legend, I know a little about animals and a little about SciFi.

Are you using anything exotic for your writing?

Not really. Just a laptop. I'm boring. :)

Are you doing anything interesting to share the novel with the world?

It's being posted on joyful_galaxy as I finish sections. I've posted a false start and a re-start, but I'm gonna stop posting every night and start posting only when I finish chapters, I think. The entries will be locked friends-only -- not because I think the writing's good enough to 'protect' or anything, but because I'm weird about letting people read unedited stuff (and this novel will be mostly unedited). I want people to know the work might need revising before they start to read. If you want to read it and you're not on the Friends list, comment here and I'll add you?
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And They're Off! [Nov. 1st, 2004|12:29 pm]
NaNoWriMo Support Group

[music |Lucia Micarelli - She is Like the Swallow]

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and now, get ready to kick off NaNoWriMo 2004! I, myself, was pased out drunk for the beginning part of today, an also on someone else's futon: but still! Do as I say, not as I do. Or something.

I don't yet know what my wordcount is, but I've been typing away for a few hours, so I'd assume it's quite a few. Already, one of my characters has completely rewritten himself, and since I don't have my handy sheet o' alien words and stuff, I've been forced to sort of make things up on the fly. Names suck, but they can be fixed with a good find > replace all.

Anyway, how's everyone's writing going? Hope you're all hanging in there, an I'll probably update with an excerpt before I hop a bus back to the States.
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Hello [Oct. 10th, 2004|02:59 pm]
NaNoWriMo Support Group

Well hi there. I thought I'd start early complaining about storyline dilemmas. This is my first NaNo so I'm going to ask stupid newbie questions and for that I apologize ahead of time.

As for my first newbie question - I hear rumors about chapter titles. I'm having a tough time naming my novel as a whole. Do I have to name each and every chapter? If I do, does it count toward the final word count?

If there's a FAQ out there that I should have read already, just roll your eyes at me and point it out. I help run a fansite and I know how annoying the same question repeatedly can be.

Secondly a story question that I need objective opinions about.
I'll put it behind a tag because I tend to stutter when I'm nervousCollapse )

Do I chance it and go with what the character is telling me to do or stick to what I'm comfortable with writing?
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Introductory... er... thing [Oct. 4th, 2004|07:20 pm]
NaNoWriMo Support Group

So, um, hi! I figure now that it's actually, like, October and junk, it'd be fitting to do a little introduction thingie. And what better way to do introductions than with a Pointless Survey?! You don't have to fill it out, nor do you have to answer everything on it, just... Whatever.

Da Survey (comment with answers)Collapse )
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